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Published Works and Sources


From Equestrian Theater
to Circus

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Online articles, broadcasts, lists of my publications on circus 

L'Arche des animaux
Abbaye de Fontevraud

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Archives e SOurces Cirque Caroline Hodak

Manuscript and administrative documents at the source of my research: references consulted in France and England. Since the "circus" did not fit into an administrative box in the 18th and 19th centuries, and since it was necessary to cross-reference the history of individuals, programs, establishments, and legislation, the collections of theaters, the Commercial Court, local archives, and several ministries or jurisdictions were consulted. Several private collections and visual arts collections were also studied. The former are cited.

Archives e Sources imprimées Cirque Caroline Hodak

Guides and almanacs, biographies, correspondence,  literary sources... many  works from the 18th and 19th c. have been used as sources for theater and circus and shows, but also about horse riding and sports. They are classified by categories of genre or themes.

Newspapers mainly consulted:  Le Journal de Paris, Le Journal des théâtres, Le Camp Volant, Le Courrier des théâtres, L'Entre'Acte, Le Moniteur universel, The Advertiser, The Figaro in London, The Morning Chronicle, The Times.

Bibliographie Cirque Caroline Hodak

Books, essays, theses and articles in French and in English, in history and social sciences, about theatre, shows and entertainment, leisure, sports, horse riding, animals, professions, entrepreneurs, education, culture and cultural policies, commercialisation and economics of leisure, historiography, memory, identity, war, events, sociabilities, representations...

In short, the works that have nourished and inspired my thinking as well as my analyses.

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